Born the son of a scientist and a clown, I'm Harry Boardman and I make art.

I can usually be found in a former cigar factory in Souderton PA where I live and work with my wife Heather and our dog Crusher.  We tore this place apart and rebuilt it to match our imagination.  This is also where I get to be gallery director at Exhibit B Gallery.

I'm always on the lookout for something to paint, preferably an old neglected barn or outbuilding.  Pennsylvania's landscape inspires to no-end with it's trees, sky, and rolling fields.  My primary medium is oil pastel: messy, rich, and an outstanding blend of painting & drawing (...so I draw with crayons all day!).  I build my own frames and enjoy all forms of cheese.

Check out what I'm up to and consider owning something you'll look at and love every single day: Paintings, Drawings, and Custom Artwork.

Studio: 215-799-0266



Harry Boardman